Digital Pathology

Increase in laboratories using digital pathology

During a recent market analysis conducted by Diagnostic Data Hub we have identified an increase of over 120% on the number of laboratories using Digital Pathology for the routine diagnostic of breast samples between 2020 and 2022.

This fast adoption has been largely driven by the challenges introduced with Her2 low. Yet, from the perspective of the labs, this adoption has not been seamless due to integration to their workflow, compatibility with existing system and the need for training.

The choice of interpretation algorithm is directly linked to its compatibility to existing system and to deliver a better detection and reproducibility of the targeted biomarker. In a recent study conducted at Gustave Roussy Cypath-rb has demonstrated that Mindpeak GmbH AI solution has the highest accuracy amongst the different solutions used in this comparison (88,1%) and even higher than the concordance between the pathologists with the reference score (85,5%).

Broader studies investigating also the compatibility of these solutions to the existing installed base are necessary to enable labs with more data for an informed decision on the adoption of a solution than can positively impact the identification of patients.

Minpeak, (2023, April 17). Mindpeak's HER2 low comes out on top in comparative study by Cypath.
Source: Mindpeak (2023, April 17). Mindpeak's HER2 low comes out on top in comparative study by Cypath.

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